Saturday, September 4, 2010

What I dislike shopping!

We had to say goodbye to a good car this past week. Sad, I know. The reason is not because of our own actions. It was because we were in a accident. Here is the story...

We were on our way home from a friends birthday dinner last Saturday night. We got to the intersection of Wellesley & Wall and I noticed a vehicle approaching the intersection very quickly. Even though we had the green light, Will did not proceed until that vehicle had slowed down enough that we knew that he was going to stop for the red light he/she had. We then proceeded down Wall St. As we are driving down Wall, I am looking down at my phone (I think I was going to text someone) and all of a sudden -BAM! We were hit! One of my greatest driving fears had almost been realized. I have a fear of being t-boned. Anyway, I digress, someone ran the stop sign at the intersection of Queen & Wall and hit our car on the passenger side. It was enough impact to push the front end of the car over enough to make it so you could not exit the drivers side door. The other vehicle's tire rim also left an impression on our front bumper.
Will got out of the car right away, to make sure that the other driver was alright. She appeared to be. I was fiddling with my phone to call 911 because we are stopped in the middle of the street & are blocking traffic & don't know the car damage. Will finally tells me to get out of the car & I have to get out thru the back seat of the car on the drivers side because I can't get out on the passenger side because the car that hit us is in the way. I then was able to call 911 and they sent a fire engine and the police to the accident scene. As Will is walking around the vehicles, someone goes "Hi Mr. Sleeth." Will looks at the person and says "Anna, is this your car?" to which she replied "yes". Come to find out the person who ran the stop sign and hit us was one of my husband's former students. Makes for an awkward situation. After that realization, we decided it best to let the police exchange the information instead of us, so that something was not said that could be taken the wrong way. Such as blame & fault. That night the police let us drive our car home, since it was about a mile away. I then called and reported the accident to our insurance. Needless to say that was not a great way to end our night.
That night we both did not sleep very well. Sunday morning came & went. We looked at the engine of the car and came to the realization that insurance would probably total our newest car. The car that is no longer ours was a 2005 Ford Taurus. Since our car is no longer, we are looking for a new one & have to find one by the end of the Labor Day weekend. Will & I are so different is what we think is important when looking for a car. I need dependability, crash-ability, and making sure it is something that will be good for transporting Foster children. Will on the other hand is looking at price & mileage. I know that both of those are important too, but if I have a choice between a 2004, 2007, or 2008, I would probably choose between the 2007 or 2008 because they are newer. That is why I dislike car shopping. That & I am not a good negotiator and we always seem to get stuck with the dealers that have personal hygiene or personal space issues.
We haven't made a decision on a car yet, but I think we have it narrowed down to two. Hopefully we can make this decision quickly & not have to go car shopping for a very long time! Wish us luck.