Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My most difficult year...

So far, the past year has been quite difficult for me. A lot has happened in the past year. We adopted two kiddos, out of the Washington Foster Care system, with special needs that are very challenging. We moved away from our strong support system and from a medical system that I knew and understood. We left an area and home I loved, to start over in a new place for a new job. We moved to a nice area in Scottsdale, Arizona. We are close to a park that has a lake with lots of ducks, geese, and other water animals. It has a bike/walking/running path and it is close to a greenbelt that allows you to go basically from one end of Scottsdale to the other. It really is a nice area. We have grown to like the weather here too. Winter was wonderful! Our kiddos have been swimming since March.

As for the year being difficult, I feel, I have become someone that I do not like. It has been more difficult that I thought it would be. Our kiddos have been very challenging for me. I find myself getting very angry and short tempered with them. That is NOT the kind of parent I want to be either. It is so hard! I find it very difficult because the kids do not seem to be learning from mistakes or from the choices that they make that get them in trouble. It is just so frustrating that it doesn't seem like they are learning anything.

I think that with everything I have to deal with this past year, I wonder, if I have gone through some sort of Post-Partum because EVERYTHING changed when we adopted the kids. They are good kids, it just is frustrating that they seem to push every button with me.

I am hoping that the second year gets significantly better! Not only for my kiddos but for me too. I want to be the happy person I used to be not the short-tempered one I have become.