Thursday, December 30, 2010


(William, Will, me, Augustin & Theogene- my family for 2 weeks)

At the beginning of November, I started my Christmas wishlist. This year, I thought Will and I should get a "family" gift. My thought was a Wii. We had talked about it a couple of times but no decision was made. We were going to think about it because I was going to start working part-time and we didn't want to over extend ourselves.
Fast forward to two and a half weeks later. Will & I were able to host a couple of boys from the Asante Children's Choir. These boys were loving, entertaining, and wonderful. (I have written about them in previous posts.) After hosting these boys & an adult chaperone for 2 weeks, my life was changed. The weekend the boys left, it was very difficult for me. I did not want them to leave. They did get to come back for one night and stayed with us for that one night. What a glorious night it was. It was nice to have the boys back in my home even if it was for just one night. Because of this experience, my Christmas wish list changed. You may be asking, "what could be on her list now"? My new wish was not anything material. My Christmas wish was to visit the boys in the Tri-Cities. That is all I wanted for Christmas.
(When Augustin saw us)
Well, I am happy to say that my husband granted my Christmas wish. We went to the Tri-Cities to see the Asante Children's Choir. It was lovely seeing them once again. We went to a church service in the morning that they were performing at. William (chaperone) was surprised to see us. He thought we were just going to be at the evening perfomance. It was nice to surprise him. We did not let the boys know that we were at the church. Instead we sat in the church service and enjoyed the performance. I then noticed Augustin smile a mile wide. He had noticed us. It was so nice to see that HUGE smile. I missed it so much. After the concert, we helped with the product tables for a bit until the crowd was complete. We were then taken to the room where the children were waiting for lunch. Augustin came running to give both Will and I huge, wonderful hugs. Then, several of the other children came running & gave us hugs as well. Once Theogene saw Will he came running and gave us hugs. We found out later that many of the children recognized us and came running to give hugs and check around the corner. They were looking for their Spokane host families. They thought or at least hoped that they had come too. This made me sad, but I was glad that we could represent the Spokane host families as best we could.

That night, we went to the choirs last performance in the Tri-Cities. It was AMAZING! I loved seeing the choir perform. They did all of their songs. I loved seeing the children perform. I love how each performance is unique. It was a great Christmas present. Hanging out with the boys, even for just a little bit was wonderful. It is a Christmas present that I will cherish forever. It was a present of LOVE!

I was able to hold back my tears this time. I was able to do this because I was thinking that this was not a Goodbye, it was an UNTIL NEXT TIME! Something I believe with all my heart. So, Asante - until next time, keep singing for the LORD!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I do not want to forget

I do not want to forget....
  • that look in Augustin & Theogene's eyes when they were meeting their host family (me), they had only been in the states for about 2 1/2 weeks at that time.
  • that first snow fall when Augustin was so excited that he initially forgot to put on his shoes before going outside and realizing that snow is cold.
  • that snow touching the skin is like apparently like a "snake bite".
  • the dancing that was happening at all times in the house. Especially when Chris Brown's song "Forever" was on. Michael Jackson was another favorite.
  • Decorating the christmas tree to "Forever" and "Cotton-eyed Joe"- talk about christmas songs. :)
  • The hugs first thing in the morning & when they went to bed. Loved them!!!
  • watching youtube videos with Augustin & Theogene. When they saw themselves they would laugh.
  • The boys were both very ticklish. Just walking by them at times would have them laughing.
  • being called Auntie in the coolest accents.
  • Augustin playing the Wii. Racing cows and always jumping and then his cow would jump too.
  • Theogene playing the Wii. His was boxing and the guy he was against would never stay down. He got tired after a couple of rounds.
  • Parking in the front of the house & the boys getting confused as to where they were at. We always came in the back door.
  • Augustin on the first night going to the restroom without closing the door. This was done throughout his stay. After the first time, it became no big deal.
  • Visiting Eric & Jill's- the boys got to see the police car & Eric's badge. Although, I heard that the motorcycles were apparently cooler than the car at first.
  • The boys and the weights at Eric & Jill's. It was like a fun toy to them.
  • The boys sitting in the hot tub at Eric & Jill's. I heard that they got out & layed in the snow then got back in. Crazy!!
  • Each of the performances that they had. It really doesn't get old either.
  • Their smiles & love that they gave to a stranger, who ended up falling in love & loved them back.
  • The African Invasion at the YMCA. (24 children + 4 adult chaperones.)
  • The looks on the boys faces when I gave them Hersey's Kisses. They had no idea. When they read the little piece of paper that said kisses, they started giggling. Getting "kisses" from a girl was not new to them. :)
  • Gummy worms! Sour ones were their favorites!
  • Helping the Asante Children's Choir & Africa Mission Alliance with child sponsorship and the raising funds of Hope Village.

I thought I had better write some of these things down. I don't ever want to forget them. They are precious memories that came from precious children. I pray that I will be able to add to these memories some day.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Tonight I am really missing the boys that have touched my heart and have changed my life forever. It is when the house is quiet that I miss them the most. I try no to let the quiet house get to me and I try to distract myself with other things, but it doesn't matter what I do, I miss them terribly. I was able to talk with them for a couple minutes yesterday and that just made my day. It was really good to hear from them & hear the excitement in their voices. It made my day that did not start off well, end on a good note.

Thank you William for giving me a little piece of heaven in a phone call.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Passion or Obsessed?

(Theogene, Auntie, Augustin)

Last night "my boys" were back in Spokane for a performance at Glover Middle School. I was beyond excited! As you may have read in a previous post, I have grown to love these boys and the other children in the choir very much. It was so nice to see them. What was even better was that they got to stay at my house again for the one night they were in town.

This was the first time that I had hosted children in my home that I did not have a previous relationship with and it was good training for what we will go through doing foster care. Let me tell you, this was a learning experience for me and I learned a lot about myself during this process. I really learned that being a foster parent is not for me. I cannot love and then let go without a lot of pain & sorrow. I have made up my mind that I will only adopt through the foster care system because it is the best and least expensive way that I will become a parent. You see, my husband & I do not make a lot of money, but we do enjoy our jobs. I would also love to adopt internationally, but the lack of funds prohibits that at this time. Although, if it is God's will for us to adopt a child from another country, I know he will provide.

During the time that the boys were away, I did a lot of thinking and praying. I asked myself, "What was I passionate about in my life?". I tend to be a follower, not a leader, have stayed in my comfort zone, and have gone about life without a "real" passion for something. I have had & currently have what I would call passion for stuff, but I am really re-evaluating this "passion" that I have currently. I am asking myself if this passion is real or if it is something different all together. These boys and the "Pope" have helped me realize this.

I have always wanted to go to Germany. I love the history of this country and since my husband has family there, it would be a great place to visit. These past couple of weeks this has changed a bit. I still would like to visit Germany, but I now want to go to Rwanda even more. So much so, that at this time, I am trying to soak up all the information I can about Rwanda. I want to give back to the children that I have had the privilege to know and love. They gave so much when they have so little. You know the "thing" they gave the most of....LOVE! These children know how to LOVE! It really doesn't stop with the children either. Auntie Barbara, Auntie Alice, Uncle Ivan, "Pope", and Uncle Henry- they all gave love to you because that is what they have the most of!

The Asante Children's Choir gave me so much and I want to give back to them in some way. Prayer is a given, but I want to give back more than just that. I know that money is needed as well to help build Hope Village, but at this time that is just not something we can do. I do, however, have time & lots of it right now. I am currently working part-time and I have no children at the moment. I think that time is the best "thing" I can give the choir. I have talked to "Pope" about how I can help these children that have given me so much. I talked to him about being a contact person in Spokane for the choir for future trips. Using connections and starting new relationships to help book, help find a Dr. or Dr's that would "donate" medical & dental care for the choir in the future without stepping on someone else's toes, should they make Spokane their "home base". In doing this, I will have to step out of my comfort zone and put myself "out there". It also means that I will really have to start networking. I am willing to do this because I am passionate about this choir, what they stand for, and the love this choir has shown me.

It is amazing what an impact those 2 young boys have had on my life. I want to have that kind of impact on their lives and future choir member's lives. I want to give back to the choir who has given me so much. I am, however, asking this a new found passion or am I obsessed?