Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Lot has changed!


We finally have a foster care placement. We are really exited about this new adventure that we are on, man is it a lot of work! I knew that it wouldn’t be easy but man, my body is not adapting to not sleeping well. I am sleeping lightly, waking up in the middle of the night, and waking up super early for me.I am finding out that I need a certain amount of sleep and I am not getting that right now. Smile My body is protesting because I am not getting it. I have been battling the start of a sore throat and possible sinus infection. Guess I am going to have to start being more diligent on taking my vitamins.

The kiddos that have been placed with us are what you would call “Irish” twins. They were born less than a year apart. Little man was born in January and the princess was born in December of the same year. Little man has been having some night terrors and bed wetting issues. We have been getting up quite frequently to change the bed sheets, which equals LOTS of laundry. The princess has been having temper tantrums because she wants to take a bath or when she doesn’t get her way. She also is “high” maintenance because of her hair. The kiddos are of mixed race and she was blessed with spiral curly hair. Trying to find hair care products for her was a challenge, but I think we may have found something that will work. Hallelujah!!!

They have adjusted well so far and really enjoy playing with hubby. I play with them to but not the way he does. He is able to be more active with them, where I am not. I have a back/neck issue that is preventing me being super active with them. We are not sure what the long term plan is with these little ones, but whatever is the plan, we are happy they are here and are looking forward to making a difference in their life no matter how long or short. 



Saturday, January 14, 2012

Time flies……..


My how time flies when you are having fun. Here is the Reader’s Digest version of this that have happened since my last post.

June- Went to Washington DC/New York again. This time it was an educator’s trip and we only had to pay $500 for the whole trip. We had several issues with our flights, but over all it was a great trip. We were able to meet up with a friend and got a private tour of the Pentagon! It was so amazing!!! Thank you Ron & Stacy. We also got to see the 9-11 memorial for the first time. Talk about moving. It is a place that you just want to sit and reflect on how life has changed since then. It is pretty amazing.

In New York, we got to ride the subway. Will got pretty good at figuring it out and we were able to navigate it if we wanted to stay in Times Square longer. We went to Mary Poppins on Broadway. It was better than I was expecting. We also got to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary in Times Square. I was a nice trip.

July- Will was in charge of an Chinese exchange summer program. We had 3 boys staying at our house in addition to Will being in charge of the program. The boys were funny and ate well. Smile 

We got egress windows in the basement. Will dug the holes and did all the leg work for getting the concrete cut and windows installed. Needless to say it was a busy July.

August- At the beginning of the month, we still had the Chinese students. We celebrated our friends & family’s birthdays. Will finished the egress windows by putting in the window wells. The next day we were at the lake and he broke a rib wakeboarding. At least he finished the window before he did that.

September- Brought the beginning of school and the ability to getting back to a routine. We love a routine.

October- Brought LOTS of birthdays. Our close friends announced a pregnancy! We are so happy for them. We also officially became licensed foster parents.

November- My dad came to visit, unexpectedly. It was a nice visit, just not long enough. We celebrated Thanksgiving with Will’s family. We also did respite for the first time. Our friends announced that they are having a little girl. Can’t wait to meet her.

December- We got carpet in our basement. It looks so pretty and makes the room a lot more homey. Will painted the room before we had the carpet installed and it looks so good. Can’t wait to spend more time down there as a family. We celebrated Christmas with Will’s family. I married into a really amazing family.

See time really does fly when you are having fun.

We are now into the New Year and I can’t wait for what this year is going to bring. Some we know about…our friends new little girl in April, the 1st anniversary of my father-in-laws death, foster children that we may get to give a “forever” family, my younger sister and her 4 kids visiting (hopefully). Will gets to go to DC, again. He is also going to Germany when school gets out for 2 weeks. Me, I get to stay home with the kiddos, if we have some by then.

There is a lot that is going to happen for us this year. Not knowing what, just happens to be what I am looking forward to the most.