Sunday, December 12, 2010

I do not want to forget

I do not want to forget....
  • that look in Augustin & Theogene's eyes when they were meeting their host family (me), they had only been in the states for about 2 1/2 weeks at that time.
  • that first snow fall when Augustin was so excited that he initially forgot to put on his shoes before going outside and realizing that snow is cold.
  • that snow touching the skin is like apparently like a "snake bite".
  • the dancing that was happening at all times in the house. Especially when Chris Brown's song "Forever" was on. Michael Jackson was another favorite.
  • Decorating the christmas tree to "Forever" and "Cotton-eyed Joe"- talk about christmas songs. :)
  • The hugs first thing in the morning & when they went to bed. Loved them!!!
  • watching youtube videos with Augustin & Theogene. When they saw themselves they would laugh.
  • The boys were both very ticklish. Just walking by them at times would have them laughing.
  • being called Auntie in the coolest accents.
  • Augustin playing the Wii. Racing cows and always jumping and then his cow would jump too.
  • Theogene playing the Wii. His was boxing and the guy he was against would never stay down. He got tired after a couple of rounds.
  • Parking in the front of the house & the boys getting confused as to where they were at. We always came in the back door.
  • Augustin on the first night going to the restroom without closing the door. This was done throughout his stay. After the first time, it became no big deal.
  • Visiting Eric & Jill's- the boys got to see the police car & Eric's badge. Although, I heard that the motorcycles were apparently cooler than the car at first.
  • The boys and the weights at Eric & Jill's. It was like a fun toy to them.
  • The boys sitting in the hot tub at Eric & Jill's. I heard that they got out & layed in the snow then got back in. Crazy!!
  • Each of the performances that they had. It really doesn't get old either.
  • Their smiles & love that they gave to a stranger, who ended up falling in love & loved them back.
  • The African Invasion at the YMCA. (24 children + 4 adult chaperones.)
  • The looks on the boys faces when I gave them Hersey's Kisses. They had no idea. When they read the little piece of paper that said kisses, they started giggling. Getting "kisses" from a girl was not new to them. :)
  • Gummy worms! Sour ones were their favorites!
  • Helping the Asante Children's Choir & Africa Mission Alliance with child sponsorship and the raising funds of Hope Village.

I thought I had better write some of these things down. I don't ever want to forget them. They are precious memories that came from precious children. I pray that I will be able to add to these memories some day.

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