Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When it rains...it pours

This has NOT been a good week. It started off with my father-in-law having to be rushed to the emergency room yesterday. He had a mild heart attack and is having issues with his kidneys. They can't run run the need tests for his heart because of his kidneys. So right now he is in the hospital waiting for his kidneys to start working the way they should.

Today, I was asked by my boss to come into his office and close the door. He then told me that it was my last day. The office/business was going in a different direction and that did not include me. Needless to say I was shocked. I do not really understand the reasoning behind my job being terminated. When I asked more questions, I was also told that some agents had complained about me. When I asked for examples, none were given. I am completely confused as to why this has happened. I am still in shock over the whole thing.

Right now, I just have to believe that there is something big in the works for me. At least that is my prayer.

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